Monday, 6 July 2020

Worcester Pain Management call

 Saturday 4th July 2020

Worcester Pain Management Phone Call
Emma Goode. Sorry cannot remember the woman’s name

Notes on what we discussed

1. Tablets I am taking. Tramadol, Paracetamol and the Conception Pill.

2. On a scale of 1-3, 3 being really severe. How severe is my pain? Most days it’s 2, 2 and half. Other days it’s 3.

3. The amount of Tramadol I am taking a day and the dosage of the Tramadol. On a good day 3 Tramadol. On a bad day 4-5 Tramadol. But there was a day where I took 7 Tramadol because the pain was so severe. 50mg Tramadol Capsules.

4. She going to send a letter out to me for me to give to my GP for a prescription of Naproxen.

5. She also going to send a leaflet out to med about Endometriosis.

6. I’m showing all the symptoms of Endometriosis.

7. Talked about pain during and after sexual intercourse. Pain while having a bowel movement. Pain before, during and after a period. Constant pain.

8. Talked about my crutches and how I have to use them all the time. 

9. I explained how I went out the other day. I was out for 20 minutes then I had to come back home.

10. I explained how I am spending most of my day in bed resting.

11. Discussed about sleep. I explained how on a good night I can sleep up to 9 hours. On a bed night I am in and out of sleep due to pain.

12. She asked about if I’m taking Ibuprofen. I told her that I saw a doctor once and he told me to stop taking them as they could be contributing to the pain. Since the call I have gone back on them but I only take one now and then.

13. We discussed conception and she asked if I was asked about the coil and I explained how I was not interested.

14. She suggested I go on the Endometriosis UK website and watch a webinar that happened about 2 weeks ago. She said it could help me while I am at home.

15. I told her that I am napping a lot during the day due to the Tramadol.