Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Emmas letter suffering


Mrs Emma Goode, 35 Archer Road, Redditch, B98 8DN, 07383109492, 21/02/1990,

I want this letter to be put on my file. I am sending this letter to, St Stephens Surgery, Kidderminster Hospital, Alexandra Hospital, Bodycare Head Office, Worcester Hospital, PIP. I am also going to email it to the Kidderminster consultant (via his sectary) and universal credits.

I am really struggling with the pain now. It is getting more severe every day. It is constant, there never seem to be an end to it. I never have break now. My partner even asked me when was the last time I had a day with no pain. It had been that long that I actually could not remember. I am in bed all day and all night, everyday. I hardly ever go downstairs, and when I do go downstairs I am down there for a minute if that and then I have to come back up.

The stairs are becoming more and more harder for me. I'm having to take one step at a time, with the use of my crutch and the bannister. It's harder going up the stairs then it is going down. Every step is really painful. I moan in pain, it literally feels like someone is stabbing me on every step I take. I have to stop a couple of times going up because the pain is so bad.

Lately I have been feeling sick and on a few occasions I have been sick, especially after I have ate something. Not much would come up. Me and my partner has put it down to the amount of Tramadol I have to take to comprehend with the pain so we have started spreading them out a bit. I also have been feeling dizzy and faint. I have been getting shooting pains going up and down my legs too.

Every time I have a bowel movement I get severe chronic pains all over my belly, abdomen and sides. Lately they have been resulting in bleeding afterwards.

I am finding it harder to look after myself. Bath and showers are becoming very few between. My partner has to bring me a damp cloth for me to have a wipe down and the tea tree oil to help me from smelling. He also brings me the stuff to brush my teeth that is also becoming more regular.

I am having naps everyday because of the amount of Tramadol I am taking in the day. They make me very sleepy and I struggle to stay awake.

It is getting more and more rarer for me to look after my son, e.g feeding, changing and playing with him, because I spend all of my days in bed. I can not pick him up because if I do it will put me in sever chronic pain straightaway. It really upsets me when he wants me and I can not do anything. It upsets me more when I see him walk away and I hear him playing and laughing with his dad. I really do not feel like a mother at all. The only time I feel like I am a mother is when he cuddles up to me in bed and he wants a hug and kiss.

My belly constantly looks swollen, bloated and tender to the touch. I sometimes can not rub my hand over it because of how painful it is. I am now finding it even harder to eat. My appeite has definatly been effected even more now these past few weeks. Most days I am just snacking on food. I can not really eat a full meal anymore. Just the thought of food sometimes puts me off eating. I always feel bloated. I sometimes have to force my self to eat because I know I need to get some food in me.

I am relying on my partner all the time now. I'm asking him to do things for me all the time, day and night. I'm even been waking him up in the night more than usual.

I am not sleeping well at night. I sleep on and off in the night due to the constant pain. The pain gets worse during the night and I'm having to Tramadol, but even then that does not help with the pain.

I am breaking down in tears more and more because of 2 reasons. 1, due to the severity of the pain I am in all the time, and 2, because I really had have enough of this. I want to be back to the way I was last year. I've had to deal with this pain for 7 months now and I can no longer cope. I want my operation sooner rather than later. I can no longer wait. I want it on record and on my file I would like a Hysterctomy if that will stop the pain. We had already decided this before.

The Tramadol is no longer lasting. I am taking 1 to 2 Tramadols every 4 to 5 hours now. They hardly even touch the pain. I can take 2 Tramadols and still be in severe chronic pain.

I was prescribed Naproxen by Worcester Pain Mangement. I took it now and then but felt they did not help and my partner asked if they could be contributing to the pain, as that is one of the side effects. I also think they were making me feel even sicker than normal so I stopped taking them since yesterday.

I am walking more and more like an old lady. Very slow and tiny steps. My partner has noticed I am taking small steps even with my crutches, toe to heel he said. I am using my crutches all the time now. Everytime I get up to have a little walk I am using them. I am using both of them more. Where before I was only using the 1.

My partner even put our spare bed in the living room a couple of weeks ago, for me to rest on when I am down stairs. I rested on it a couple of times but because my condition is worsening day by day. I am finding it harder to get up and down the stairs, and standing or sitting down is harder now as I am in constant pain. I can only sit down or stand for a couple of minutes before I am in that much pain, I have to go lay down again.

I am also finding it hard to leave my bedroom. I am peeing in my jug all the time. I really can not get to the toilet at all which is right next door. If I need a bowel movement, I really struggle to get there. It takes me while, I have to stop a few times on the way there and on the way back because I am in constant severe pain after going.

On Saturday 25th July, I called 111 and they sent out an Ambulance. They checked my vitals and they was fine. They said I could go to A+E if I wanted to but they would not do more there then they did because I am not classed as an emergency. I already decided to go with my partner. Then I found out from his mum that I would be on my own and that my partner would not be allowed to be with me because of the Coronavirus. I wanted my partner there to help them to understand what I have been going through, plus I dont always understand what the doctors and nurses are telling me, and he helps me to understand. So I decided to stay at home and rest in bed instead.

I am really asking for help and to be seen to sooner rather than longer. I really dont know how I can cope any longer. As I am typing this I am in severe chronic pain. It is never ending now.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this letter.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Mrs Emma Goode.


Emmas Partner – Stuart


Emma has most definitely gotten worse, to the extent she can barely move now and certainly not without her crutches. I don’t think she is ever downstairs now for more than 10minutes or so on average in a whole day as its that hard for her to just get about.

Most of the time she stays upstairs in bed to cope with the continous pain she is in. I am happier when she is asleep as that’s the only time I know now she is not suffering.

I am begging begging begging you or whoever to do whatever you can to get emma seen as soon as possible. I am not trying to get to the front of the que, but I am category telling you in this letter her condition has degraded to such an extent, she is no longer coping that well, and I am really worried and concerned for her.

I can hear her whimpering in pain from time to time now, and that’s when shes in bed lying down upstairs. That never used to happen. She never has a single day without pain, and is nearly always in some degree of suffering.

I did put a spare bed in the front room so she could atleast be around us from time to time, but she seems to have gotten so bad that she doesn’t want to use it.

Please please please, do whatever you can for my emma, I am so worried and concerned for her and I don’t know how long she will be able to cope any more, as she really has got that bad.

If there is someone else I need to appeal to or air my concerns with, please let me know so I can write them a letter. If there is someone else out there that might be able to help us make this happen quicker please can you give us their address and I will gladly write to them.

I have also included the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists address as they seem to be the decision makers, as to whether the ‘switch on’ can take place or not. I am appealing that you bring your decision forward, or at least make an allowance for my girlfriends deteriorating health condition. If there is someone else I need to write to can you please let me know in a written response thank you very much.

We have also included some of emmas latest diary for the last week or so to keep you up to date and informed on emmas condition. She has kept a detailed diary from the start in january to present day in the hope that it would help the NHS help us. If you would like a digital pdf or word copy please let us know and we will gladly send it to you. Please let us know if you need anything else from us.

All the very best to each and everyone of you, and know that I really do appreciate everything you have already done.


Peace and blessings to you all