Sunday, 9 August 2020

Emma Email To Cath Joyner


Dear Mrs Cath Joyner

My name is Mrs Emma Goode

I saw consultant Mr Harnek Rai on Wednesday 3rd June about my severe chronic abdominal pains.

Since then me and my partner has sent Mr Rai 2 letters explaining that my condition is getting worse.

The recent one was sent out on Thursday 30th July by recorded delivery.

The day after sending out the letter, I had a phone call from a doctor from my GP. We talked about the letter and the severity of my health condition. The doctor mentioned she was going to email Mr Rai and get him to see me as soon as possible. She agrees my condition is defiantly getting worse. She also said I would hear from you (the secretary) within the week about any developments regarding my situation.

It has been over a week and I still not heard anything. I would like someone to please tell me why I have not heard anything.

I am sending you this email pleading with you and Mr Rai about me having the operation, as I am 100% getting worse day by day. I am in bed more and more all day, every day. I am defiantly finding it harder to do things like having a shower or a bath or even standing at the sinking to brush my teeth. My partner has to bring me the stuff to have a wash and to brush my teeth in bed.

So please I am asking for help.

I also want it noted that I have said from day one that I want a full hysterectomy. Do anything that will help me get back to a normal life again and to be a mother to my almost 4yr old son.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this. I hope to hear from you or Mr Rai very soon.

Thank you

Mrs Emma Goode, 35 Archer Road, Redditch, B98 8DN, 07383109492,, 21/02/1990

I have attached the letter me and my partner sent out last time just in case you did not receive it.