Tuesday, 11 August 2020

on waiting list

 Private & Confidential Mrs EJ Goode Your hospital case notes number is: 4440496393 35 Archer Road Your NHS numbers: 610 600 7306 REDDITCH Your telephone number is: 07842 984419 Worcs Worcestershire Date: 11 August 2020

You have been added to the Waiting List for a procedure, in order to plan for this we need to have some information regarding your health.

 Please visit www.worcsacute.nhs.uk/pre-opquestionnaire and complete the questions then securely share your answers with Worcestershire Acute Hospitals. You will need to register if it is yourfirst time using the system.

You will need your email address and your casenote number which can be found on top right hand side of this letter.

 If you are unable to complete the questionnaire then please call the clinic on any of the numbers below. We can then assist you accordingly.

Once you have submitted your questionnaire your NHS SummaryCare Record (SCR) willbe viewed by the hospital staff involved in your care, unless you have opted out of having an SCR. Your SCR contains information from your GP record about your medications, allergies and any reactions to medicines. If you do not want our staff to access your SCR please notify the pre-operative assessment team on the number listed please.

If your condition changes, please ensure that you contact your GP.

 The contact telephone numbers for the Pre-Operative Assessment Clinics are:

01527 507991

 01905 760871

Yours sincerely

 On behalf of the Pre-operative Assessment Service