Wednesday, 12 August 2020

NHS Tel assesment date

 Private & Confidential Mrs EJ Goode Your case note number is: 4440496393 35 Archer Road Your NHS number is:610 600 7306 Redditch Your telephone number is: 07842 984419 Worcs Worcestershire B98 8DN Date: 12 August 2020

Dear Mrs Goode

We are writing to confirm the details of your Pre-operative Assessment which will be undertaken via telephone by a Pre-operative Assessment Registered Nurse.

Details of your Telephone Assessment: Day of the week: Thursday Date: 20/08/2020 Time: 12:00

 Please note that this is an estimated time for your assessment and the nurse will telephone you within an hour of your scheduled appointment time. If you have recently moved and/or changed contact telephone numbers, including your mobile number, we would be most grateful if you could notify the Pre—Operative Assessment staff on any of the numbers below.

Before you are admitted for your procedure, you may need to attend the Pre-Operative Assessment clinic. This to have any tests done that the nurse requests for you following your telephone consultation. The nurse will let you know if this is required at the time of your assessment.

It is important that you attend this appointment to avoid delaying your surgery

Prior to your appointment your NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) will be available to view by the hospital staff involved in your care, unless you have opted out of having an SCR. Your SCR contains information from your GP record about your medications, allergies and any reactions to medicines. If you do not want our staff to access your SCR please notify the preoperative assessment team on the number listed please.

If your condition changes, please ensure that you contact your GP.

 Yours sincerely
On behalf of the Pre-operative Assessment Service