Friday, 21 August 2020

emmas tel correspondance


Wednesday 19th August 2020 – 9.30am – Maria Bamford

I requested for a repeat prescription of the Tramadol, as I only had 13 left. She said she needed to get another doctor to do the prescription as she was not qualified to do it.

I told her that I was having an operation on the 1st September and it says in the letter that I needed to make sure I had sufficient amount of my medication at home prior to coming into the hospital as the hospital will not be providing me with any additional medication when I leave.

She asked to see a copy of the letter. So I printed a copy out and Stuart took it in to my doctors that afternoon. They told Stuart that if I have not heard anything by 3pm the next day then I would have to phone up.


Thursday 20th August 2020 – 3pm

I phoned the doctors up after 3pm as I did not heard anything from them. I spoke to a woman on reception called Jackie. She told me that Maria has requested for the repeat prescription to a doctor but the doctor has not done the prescription. She also explained that Maria has received the letter and had looked at it. I was to phone back later to see if my repeat prescription has been done…


I phoned back and the prescription was still not done. I was told to phone back tomorrow after 2pm. I said that all of this was all organised and settled with Maria Bamford on Wednesday morning and it now been 2 days and still nothing has been done. I said that I only had 4 Tramadol left and that I definitely need some by tomorrow afternoon.

I am seriously considering on changing doctors as these doctors has messed me about so much since January.

I did not take any Tramadol at all at night as I needed to keep what I had left for tomorrow just in case something went wrong.


Friday 21st August 2020 – 9.00am

I received a text message from my Gp Surgery asking for me to phone them and to quote reference Task20.08.20.


I phoned the doctors up and told the receptionist that I received a text message to phone them and to quote the reference.  She looked on the system and said that the doctor would not prescribe me the Tramadol that I need for when I came home from the hospital and that I needed to request for them nearer the date of my operation (1st September).

There was nothing about the repeat prescription I requested. I told her that I had only 2 Tramadol left and that I was in severe chronic pain. I also explained how I requested all of this on Wednesday morning with Maria Bamford and that she was going to get a doctor to do me a prescription. It been 3 days now and I am suffering in pain because of it. I mean how long does it take to prescribe a bunch of tablets.

She put me on hold as she went to speak to a doctor. She came and asked how I normally request for my Tramadol. I told her by Email. She said that I had to do that again this morning and she will get it sorted for me by this afternoon. I explained that I needed them by 3pm at the latest. She said phone back after 2pm and they should be ready.

I emailed them for a repeat prescription of Tramadol. Which I was not happy in doing as I requested this on Wednesday already.

Stuart going to go in and ask how to put in a written formal complaint.



my internal formal complaint

 Regarding my common law partner emma jane goode : from james stuart morris.

My internal but formal complaint to the owner of the GP surgery.
james stuart morris, 35 archer road, Redditch, b98 8dn.

Because of emmas operation in 11days time, we have been asked in writing for all of us to quarantine as much as possible. We can make a copy available if required.

1.       Do we have an agreement in writing somewhere that says I am legally obliged to fill in your complaints form?

2.       Have you read emmas telephone log? – Are we doing something wrong? If so what do we have to do to put this right?

3.       Have you read emmas pain diary and are you aware that she records how much Tramadol she takes each day? Would you like a full copy for proof of claim?

4.       Why have we been refused 2 lots of Tramadol?

5.       Have you ever prescribed more than 60 Tramadol to another patient at any given time?

6.       why was emma refused another Prescription of the Pill? Maria Bamford said on Wednesday when I asked that I had enough for now even though I got 3 weeks’ worth left. What is the legal overlap period between repeat prescriptions?

7.       Are GP’s allowed to change or modify a patients prescription without talking to the patient  for mutual consent first? Please supply me relevant info.

8.       Who at the surgery is allowed to modify a patients prescription?

9.       Is the GP a licensed Practitioner and if so what is the license number?

10.   IPPC, GMC, OMBUDSMAN etc., who or what governing bodies do I talk to, to hold you to account if I am not happy with the outcome of my grievances?

11.   Is there anything we can do to win your trust to having more than 60 Tramadol? Would you like a legal declaration or affidavit saying we wont abuse your trust or the tablets, or a lawful notice informing you they are only for emma, and we both watch methodically what she takes, and record it on her diary as previously mentioned. Would you like a copy?

12.   Two separate occasions the hospital gave emma medication which you have declined. Once was a prescription for Omeprazole. Second for Tramadol ready for after my Operation. Why was it declined and why wasn’t this explained to the patient beforehand?

13.   Who owns the surgery

14.   do you receive government funding? Yes or No.

15.   Does the GP’s make notes of all emmas phone calls on her file as previously requested?

16.   Can you please check that it has been noted on my file that my partner Stuart can act and talk on my behalf?

17.   Why can emma not see and speak to the same doctor all the time so they can get to know the patient. Is there a way this can be done?

18.   Is there way for emma to receive a text or an email to tell me when my Prescription is ready?

19.   What is the average time spent with each patient when being seen face to face?

20.   Because you have not given emma her pill, or the extra tradamol, this means that just days before her operation I will have to come to you for another prescription of tradamol, and if it is later found we catch corona from your premises or your staff or your patients, I will request the governing bodies responsible for your approach to deal with you accordingly as per government approved guidelines. In my words it will be your fault.


Please consider this to be my formal but internal only complaint for now.
all the very best to each and everyone of you. James stuart morris.