Sunday, 4 October 2020

emmas assesment from stu - 02


after waiting a month and having no feedback from yourselves i have decided to contact you directly regarding the following. please can you respond in kind in writing thru email or post please thank you.

emma has always consented for me to act or talk for her and on her behalf as she is shy, reserved, and mildly dislecsic, and i tend to be quite the opposite, as you can tell. normally i allready have consent to talk on her behalf as recorded at her GP for example, but please please please call her directly to confirm and record this for yourself first before you respond to my letter in any way shape or form thank you.

emma is a little bit more mobile during the day at the moment, and still suffering at nights though, but there is a distinct lesser reliabilty on her tradamol at the moment which is a blessing, but her symptoms are nevertheless still there, and her previous condition is still present. and on reflection from other women going through this procedure, i can only be honest and conclude she is where she was 2 months ago, and will eventually be where she was just before the operation. as you can appreciate i am desperately trying to avoid her condition worsening and want to speak to anyone who might be able to help.

you did say to emma on ther day that she would not need to see you again, and so i can only assume there is nothing else you can do for her, and would like you to advise us on who we can go and see next regarding her conditioning. if it isnt endo then can you please state your opinion in writing to us so we can try someone else who covers the anatomy from a different perspective.

bluntly, and put simply said, emma is not better yet, and she may continue to deteriorate, and i want to see whoever we can who might be able to help. if thats no longer you, then please supply me some names addresses etc for us to get in touch with so we cant get a different perspective or second opinion, whatever you think will be best for emma.

with the greatest respect to yourself, the pain management as mentioned in your first letter is not an option in my eyes for a 30year old woman taking as much as 5tradamol a day for the rest of her life, while spending most of her days in bed. thats where we were before the op and i dont want us going back to that by being complacent.

anyway, here are some questions and food for thoughts, that might give you a better insight, or different perspective as to what emma might be suffering with...


can i have copy of emmas notes you recorded regarding her op if none can you please give me written detailed summary of what you did and what you found during the operation please. anything with info on what you found would be great thank you.

based on your experience with emma, and based on your previous knowledge gained from hands on experience and informed opinion derived from other treatments and diagnosis you have had personally dealt with, could you give me an idea or an opinion of what you think might be happening with my emma if you have one. i appreciate you dont know for definate but if you have an informed opinion of any sorts, i would greatly appreciate your feedback. i do mean opinion, im not trying to hang you, but as you can appreciate i love my emma and i know nothing as of yet to this date of what actually took place.

could you also mention what you looked at inside emma and what you didnt look at, in case we need to see another expert in a different department or be reffered to a different specialist in a different area. i would also like to know for my own peace of mind thank you.


regarding her belly, sometimes just gently touching her own belly gently on the skin causes her great discomfort or pain, generally all round the belly button area and to the sides. (if becomes sensative to the touch) can you give me your informed opinion on what is causing this, and whatever else you think may be relevant to this symptom.

on her right side by the belly by one of the insisions, and mainly at night now after a pee since the op, she has always had intermittantly sharp short stabbing pains which are extremely painfull to her, and totally debillatating to the point she goes to her own bed and takes her tradamol.

((( now again i must stress since your op she has had days she didnt need tradamol and a handfull of nights she didnt have to wake me up for help (i since found out tho shes been trying to leave me to sleep as i am struggling a bit now tbh) and so a definate improvement has been achieved but it is only small, and all of her previous symptoms are still there, i can tell because i keep quizzing her and listen very carefully to what she tells me. honestly, my opinion is we have pushed it back temporarily but the problem is still there for definate due to the description of the pain and suffering, as well as her movements and walking stick again, and  i am starting to see a greater degree of pain kreeping in emmas direction, but thats mainly at nights at the moment tbh. )))

can you please give me you informed opinion on what you think is causing this pain, and anything else you can tell me would be great so i can understand emmas condition a little better. you may supply me literature or links to read, but i most definately also want you opinion based on your present and previous experience with you patients please thank you.


 sex is a bit sore for emma so we dont it at the moment tbh. and im way too concerned for emmas health to be shy about this so here goes...


can you enlighten me as to why emma actually gets severe pain in the same said right side even just on slight arousal. so kissing my partner and showing her affection, can eventually result in her abdominal area getting so sore she walks away or i stop alltogether. any previous based informed experience regarding this or just your honest opinion and advise here would be greatly appreciated thank you.

(( i have just confirmed with emma the pain is almost identical to the usual short sharp stabbing pains she suffers from normally, and definately now at night after a pee at night time. ))

((( im really hoping you guys can put your sherlock holmes caps on and narrow her condition down to something more specific, and in turn, help you help me get my emma well again. )))


may not be relevant - im not big down there but i will give you a clue, its in the question number, but i still to this very day worry and wonder wether our sex life has caused this and emma will tell you that i now instinctively try to avoid her at certain times so as not to eventually put the very woman i love in severe abdominal pain. so, is there any way her condition is caused by our sex life?



could this below be a cause for concern?

really weird one here - prior to all this, beginning of the year, emma while emma was working she suddenly developed a strong severe continous cough that lingered for about two weeks. co-incidentally i also had one about november december 2019 that lingered but was no way near as deep routed as emmas. (mine was just more irritating and honestly, i had a cold and that was it) her cough though was that ittitable to her and that consistant she couldnt get any sleep whatsoever. so to help her out i got a bottle of whisky and she had lots of coffees with a tot of whisky, as well as some whisky and cokes in the hopes that would help alliviate the cough or just help her sleep. after talking with her now we dont think that ever worked, but she got better over time anyway, and we never thought anything more of it. the only reason why i bring it up, is i seem to remember it being very close that when her coughing stopped, not long after that, she develops this abdominabile problem, which at the beginning wouldnt have been as severe as it is now. its difficult to remember the details but nevertheless, you get the picture.


now i dont believe for a minute we ever had corona virus or even covid etc etc but there is a definate yes to was the coughing ever gut wrenching and deeply routed enough to maybe pull a muscle or cause a strain or tear a ligment or whatever. i remember her stomach was extremely sore just from all the non stop coughing she was going through. anyway, i just wanted you to have this info to hand.


end of questions


 honestly, sincerelly, and from my heart and faith based wisdom to yours, im not having a go at you or getting you ready for a law suite LOL, im just ver good and very quick at getting to the point. and sorry if this comes over any other way than that, but im not having my emma on tradamol for life, and she isnt going to be left suffering by me its just that plain and simple. after all thats what the NHS is for. if there is anyone else you think may be able to help then please let us know.


 once you have emmas consent, you certainly and allready have my consent to forward this info in its entirety to anyone who you think may be able to advise or help me and emma in any way shape or form whatsoever. that is my ONLY intent in this letter, nothing else, period.


 if you think the paperboy down the street might be able to help tell him to get in touch, seriously, anyone you think can help.


 in the spirit of love & light and from someone who luvs his gal, i thank you for all you have done so far.
thank you.


Letter to Consultany - 03


I had my Laparoscopy Operation on Tuesday 1st September 2020. I was told I would get a letter through the post within two weeks of having the operation and I still not heard anything and it been almost five weeks.

I would like to know what it is you have found and what the results was from the lab. Both me and my partner Stuart wants to know exactly what you did during the operation. We also want to know why you said you did not want to see me again.

It has been almost five weeks since my operation and I’m not getting any better. The nights are the worse. Most nights I wake up to have a pee and straight away I get a sharp stabbing pain in my right side which gets worse within half an hour of having the pee. I end up taking a Tramadol and Paracetamol and calling for Stuart to do my hot water bottle. If the pain doesn’t calm down within an hour then I take another Tramadol and Paracetamol. I am not sleeping much during the night either due to the pain I am in.

There have been a couple of times where I have broken down in to tears because of two reasons mainly. One being the pain I am in at the time and second because I am really fed up of all of this now to be honest with you.

I am still not back at work. I still cannot pick up my son. I am still struggling to sit down on a chair or the sofa for a certain amount of time. Standing is also still an issue. I can only do little jobs around the house but even then after about 10-15 minutes I am in severe pain and I am in bed for the rest of the day.

My bedroom is still my house. I hardly ever go downstairs and spend time with my family. Stuart stills does everything around the house, for example, cooking, cleaning, washing and looking after our son.

I went out for the first time on Wednesday 30th September 2020. I went to town, I was only out for an hour then I had to spend the rest of the day in bed again resting because I was in so much pain from walking. I am also dealing with the pain the day after. Since that day I have used my crutches nonstop. The pain has been constant. Sometimes it just a light pain and other times it has been a severe pain. All on my right side again.

I get sore from just moving around or walking around the house. I noticed that if I am in really bad pain I am leaping.

You said that you could not find any Endometriosis, so if I have not got Endometriosis then what is wrong with me. You did say you found two little white bits, which you cut off and sent to the lab. What was they and could they grow back.

I am not taking the Tramadol as much during the day that is because I am in bed resting most days. I am taking at least 2 Tramadol in the night. I have noticed that if I do not take Tramadol for a few hours and I am moving about the house the pain kicks in and it’s a severe sharp stabbing pain.

I still cannot touch my belly or right side because it is so tender and sore.

I am defiantly slowly going back to the way I was before the Operation.

Is there another specialist or route I can go down to help me get past all of this pain and go back to the way I was last year. I am 30 years old, I do not want to be on tablets for the rest of my life. I have said on a numerous occasions that I would like to have a Hysterectomy but nothing has been done or discussed about it. Can you please but this down on my notes and consider it for the future.

I would like to say I do constant to you speaking to Stuart on my behalf because he will understand you better than me.

Please I would like some feedback and help to go forward with my condition.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this and I hope to hear from you very soon either by e-mail or by post.

Mrs Emma Goode

35 Archer Road, Redditch, B98 8DN. 07383190492. 21/02/1990