Monday, 19 October 2020

emma update by emma - 04


From Emma Goode

Since we sent the email to Mr Rai on the 4th October we have not heard anything still. I have been looking at my emails at least 3-4 times a day. We been looking at the letter box every morning to see if we had a letter. I have had my phone with me all the time, but no phone call.

I am really annoyed that no one has got in touch at all. I want to know what is exactly going on and why am I waiting so long for answers and for help.

My condition is getting worse. My right side is still really painful and it is constant. My nights are the worst. Not sleeping much.

Notice lately my urine is starting smelling really bad and I get sharp stabbing pains in my side after I pee. I am still spending my days in bed. Taking Tramadol up to 4 a day now that is also counting the ones I take at night. Still relying on my partner Stuart to do stuff around the house and to look after our son John.

The other night I was up most of the night and by the time I fell asleep I had taken 3 Tramadol to help with the pain I was in. Last night (Sunday 18th October) was a bad night. I woke up in severe pain. I had to text Stuart to come through because of the pain I was in. Our son John even woke up and got disrupted by the situation.

I have waited long enough, been in pain long enough. I want answers please and I want them soon please. I also want to be taken to the next step. Thank you for your co-operation.


emma update by stu - 05


from stuart morris


just a small update on 19-10-2020 regarding emmas condition after her operation, and having no feedback whatsoever, even after sending an email 2weeks ago. we have yet to hear anything at all.

john hasnt gone to nursery today because emma had a bad and sore night last night, and i was up to deal with her a couple of times, and poor john just didnt get any proper sleep either as this has also begun to effect his sleeping patterns sad to say.

emma has started using 2 tradamol (i think roughly) at nights now just to get some sleep, and has started taking the odd few during the day now to get by. i can also hear her groaning from severe pain when she trys to move in bed now. and she is nearly always in bed to be honest.

she did try and walk with me to the nursery with her crutches once, but had to turn back after about 10minutes to go home upon me asking her how she was, as she was in severe pain and was struggling to cope with the walk

for PIP reference: she walked from our home to bridge over a441 to hollytrees nursery and google maps says thats 0.5miles. in hindsite it was way too much for her and she was hobbling on her crutches all the way, she wont be attempting it again.

emma and i are both noticing now she is deteriating and its getting quicker and quicker how much worse she is becoming. she is not as bad as she was before the op but it certainlly is heading that way.

i have made it clear that if the surgeon can do no more, then we need someone else to take a look, and i have also asked for some written feedback from the surgeon on her 90minute operation. i have also asked for contacts if we need to speak to anyone else as this has not gone away and emma is now getting worse again.

so please, can anyone out there in the nhs help us, i have begged before, and i am now begging again, please please please can someone get us someone to help us and sit down and talk to us. please read the attached for our feedback to the surgeon emailed 04-10-2020

thank you thank you thank you and all the very best to all of you.
stu, emm, john.