Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Doctor's Phone Call Wednesday - 06


Notes of Phone call with Dr Wiggett on Wednesday 21st October 2020

Dr Wiggett said she was going to email the Doctor who did my operation as soon as possible, to find out what happened on the day and what they found. She going to find out what the doctor’s next line of enquiry was and who I need to see next. I explained that I still not heard anything from the doctor and that he did say that I would get a letter 2 weeks after my operation explaining everything about the operation and get the results from the 2 little white bits they found and sent off to the lab for testing.

She said there was no notes or feedback in my folder on the computer from the Hospital regarding my operation.

Dr Wiggett prescribed me some more Tramadol and some Amitriptyline to take one at night to help with my pains. After the phone call she sent me a text regarding the Amitriptyline with a link to a web address about more information regarding Amitriptyline.

We discussed the letter that both me and Stuart sent out on Monday 19th October 2020 (by recorded delivery) regarding my latest condition. I explained to her how I am getting worse with the pain, mainly at night. I also explained that moving around the house or moving in bed really hurts me as well. I am back to using my crutches a lot more.

She requested a urine sample, which Stuart took in this afternoon.

I asked Dr Wiggett if it could be anything else apart from Endometriosis, e.g. like my kidneys. She said that she doesn’t think it is anything else and that it is Gynaecology related issue.

I am hoping that if she finds out anything from the doctor who did my operation that she will let me know as soon as possible.