Friday, 27 November 2020

from complaints dep

 Ref: WJ/50438 Complaints Department 27 November 2020 3 Kings Court (First Floor) Worcestershire Royal Hospital PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL Charles ishbei James Morris orcester 35 Archer Road WRS 1DD Redditch B98 8DN 0300 123 1733

Dear James

We have been forwarded your correspondence by our HR department and have logged this as a formal complaint. | am sorry to hear of your concerns.

  Before we can commence an investigation, we require Emma’s consent to access her medical records and to respond to you; this is for reasons of confidentiality. | have enclosed a consent form to be completed and returned to the Trust by 18 December 2020 in the stamped addressed envelope provided.

If you have any queries or are concerned about this please contact us; if we do not receive the completed form or hear from you we will not be able to respond. Once we receive consent, the investigation process will begin and we will send you some more information regarding timescales.

 It may be necessary to disclose details of your complaint, our management of it and our response to you, to organisations who monitor, regulate or commission our services. If you have any objections to the information being disclosed please contact this department.

 have enclosed a leaflet which explains the process for handling formal complaints in more detail, and an information leaflet about Onside ICAS, the local advocacy service. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0300 123 1733 or if we can be of any further assistance.

Yours sincerely

 Wendy Juggins
Complaints Assistant 

Encs: Complaint leaflet/ICAS leaflet/Consent Form/Stamped Addressed Envelope


Letter from Gyno Specialist

 DEPARTMENT OF GYNAECOLOGY Worcestershire Royal Hospital Consultant: Mr Harnek Rai : Charles Hastings Way Secretary: Mrs Cath Joyner Newtown Road Email: Worcester Direct line: 01905 760655 : WR5 1DD Tel No: 01905 763333

Our Ref: HR/CJ Date: 27/11/2020 NHS No: 6106007306 Hospital No: 4440496393

Mrs Emma Goode 35 Archer Road Redditch Worcs Worcestershire B98 8DN

 Dear Mrs Goode

| have received a copy of the letter from you husband requesting Freedom of Information Act and access to notes. | have forwarded these letters to the appropriate person within the Trust and hopefully they will contact you and further your request.

 As you are aware, you had your surgery back in September of this year and soon after your surgery went off on leave following a family bereavement. | did not return to the Trust until October. As you| are aware at the time of surgery there was no obvious evidence of endometriosis although there were several white areas in your pelvis with no scar tissue to accountfor the majority of your symptoms. Two areas were biopsied and the result on one of the biopsies on your left hand side confirmed the presence of endometriosis. This was an unexpected finding | explained above, the pelvis otherwise looked generally healthy. In view of the fact that we now have a diagnosis of endometriosis, | have referred you on to the Endometriosis Clinic/ Pelvic Pain Clinic for further assessment and advice. As you are aware at the time of laparoscopy we visualised the outside surface of the uterus, the tubes and the ovaries as well as the surface of the bowel and the area behind the uterus. The white areas were behind the uterus and on the left sidewall of the pelvis, and it was the biopsy form the left sidewall which confirmed the diagnosis of endometriosis.

My expertise is not in endometriosis and hence why | have referred you on to the Endometriosis Clinic for further input and assessment and advice on further management. | apologise that | am unable to give you full explanations or answered to all of the questions that were asked, however, these may well be answered once you have been seen in the Endometriosis Clinic and as stated above | have forwarded the Freedom of Information request onto the relevant person within the Directorate. 

Yours sincerely 

Letter checked electronically
 Mr H Rai MBChB, FRCOG Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Cc: Dr J V Ash : St Stephens Surgery Adelaide Street Redditch Worcestershire B97 4AL