Sunday, 29 November 2020

Emma Update Letter

 Sunday 29th November 2020 - Emma's Update Letter

Since my last letter my condition and situation has been getting more worse.

I have been in load of pain. I have been awake in the night every night. I have been taking more Tramadol. I have been getting really uncomfortable.

I have to wake Stuart up every night to do my hot water bottle and to empty my pee jug. It is not fair on him having to lose sleep every night. I have to text him to wake him because the pain are that bad that I struggle to get out of bed and walk across the landing to wake him. Plus he doesn't like to see me standing up in pain.

I was on my period in the week commencing Monday 23rd November 2020. The whole week I was in constant severe pain, especially at nights. The pains was waking me up every night. There was a couple of nights where I had to take 3 Tramadol in the space of 4 hours. All week my belly felt and looked swollen, bloated and tender to the touch. I hardly bled at all. I started bleeding on Friday which was dark red color. I bled heavy on Saturday night and that was bright red but that was all.

I have spent all of my days in bed resting. Some days I do get up and do stuff around the house but after about 15 minutes I am back in pain and I have to get back in bed.

I went out for the first time in months on Friday 27th November 2020. I had to go to my son's Nursery for a meeting. I took 2 Tramadol before we left the house. We had to go in Stuart's mum’s car because there was no way I could walk it. Even though it was just around the corner. I did struggle sitting for a long period of time in the meeting. I had to stand up for 5 minutes to help me with the pain.

Last night (Saturday 28th November 2020) was a really bad night. I had sever chronic sharp stabbing period pain all over my abdomen, belly, groin and pelvic. I ended up breaking down into tears because of the severity of the pain I was in all night. I woke Stuart up to talk to him. He stayed up with me for a bit. I had to take 3 Tramadol in the space of 3 and a half hours. Stuart did my hot water bottle, emptied my pee jug and made me cups of coffee. I have been in tears more lately and it is defiantly getting to me now.

I am extremely fed up of being in my bed day in and day out. I am scared sometimes of getting out of bed because I know I will ended up in pain again one way or another. My showers and baths are also getting very few and far between because I struggle to stand for a long period of time. There has been a couple of times in the past month where Stuart had to bring me the stuff for me to brush my teeth in bed. Every day Stuart brings me a damp terry towel for me to have a wipe down and tea tree oil to put under my armpits to help stop smelling.

This lifestyle is not normal for someone like me. Especially having to spend the whole year like it. I am a mother and a partner. I got a job. But I cannot be any of them because of this condition and situation I am in.

Me and Stuart don't have sexual intercourse all that much anymore because it puts me in pain and then we have to stop. We had sexual Intercourse for the first time in months the other day and straight after I was in pain. If we do decided to have sexual intercourse then I make sure I take a Tramadol before we do and take one after we are finished. Now that is not normal for anybody. 

The letter that Mr. Rai recently sent me on 7/10/2020, stated that I will need to see the Endometriosis and Pain Management Team for future treatment. I want it stated that I am not going to be on tablets for the rest of my life. I mean I'm taking more and more Tramadol now because they are not working as quickly as they used to. I have stated more than once in the past that I want a Hysterectomy and that still stands. I am not going to have any more children and if it helps me have a normal life again then great. Do it.

Stuart sent out an FOI request and I hope you will answer all his question very soon.

I am now asking. How long do I have to be in this situation? How long does it take for you to realize that I am not happy with just taking tablets? How long does it take for you to realize that I want a Hysterectomy and I want one now? How long are you going to let me suffer in this pain?

Thank you for your co-operation

Emma Goode, 35 Archer Road, Redditch, B98 8DN. 07383109492. 21-02-1990.