Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Phone call with Miss Donna Ghosh – Endometriosis Specialist Consultant


Tuesday 15th December 2020 – Phone call with Miss Donna Ghosh – Endometriosis Specialist Consultant
Questions I asked
FOI Request
She will answer all the questions that my partner has asked in his FOI request.
If I wanted to receive my medical records, we will have to go through the Medical Record Department.


She wants us to have a face to face appointment at her clinic. My partner is allowed to be there as well. At the face to face appointment we will be discussing future treatment. The face to face appointment will take place in Kidderminster in January or February but if she can see me sooner then she will. At the appointment she will examine me.

She is considering on doing another Laparoscopy surgery to find out if the previous doctor has missed anything as he was not an Endometriosis specialist. Also to remove any Endometriosis.

She wants me to stop taking the combined pill and start taking the pesterone only pill. It may stop my period altogether.

She mentioned that if she knew sooner how bad I was and how much pain I was suffering in she will defiantly seen me sooner.

The Endometriosis Nurse Corine Shaw will contact soon to discuss pain management.

She wants me to slowly cut down on Tramadol as it is not the best thing to take with Endometriosis. Also liquid morphine is not the best thing to take with Endometriosis.

She wants me to take a laxative drink that will help relax my bowels.

Later on in the future we will be discussing about the possibility of an injection. The injection will switch off my ovaries and put me in a menopausal state. If the injection helps then they will consider on doing a Hysterectomy. At this present time a Hysterectomy is not an option.


She was very sympathic when I told her I lost my job over all of this.
The department has not received the referral letter from Mr Rai yet.

She told me exactly what they found when they did the operation back in September. There was no evidence of any scar tissue. My ovaries were normal. There were white areas on my Pouch of Douglas and on the left side of my pelvis which turned out to be Endometriosis. There were no problems at all with my right side.

She did say the Endometriosis was not that obvious to spot.

She will be sending me a letter explaining everything that was discussed in the phone call. She will also be sending a letter with the answers to my partners FOI request.

Me and my partner do wish that we had all of this information from the previous doctor.
My partner wants to set up a way for her to get direct access to my notes without going through a third party.

My partner is very happy with the response and waits for the answers to the FOI request.

I felt really happy with the way the phone call went and extremely happy with the way my case is going to be dealt with in the future.
Mrs Emma Goode