Monday, 11 January 2021

Emmas 2nd Pre Op delayed

 Mrs E J Goode 

Your case note number is: 4440496393, Your NHS number is: 610 600 7306 

Dear Mrs Goode, 

As | am sure you are aware, our NHS is coming under increased pressure as a result of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). 

We have to make sure that our doctors and nurses are able to care for those patients who are in the greatest need of urgent and emergency care, including the growing numbers of people with COVID-19.

We also need to protect our staff and patients from the risk of infection, and help to reduce the spread ofCoronavirus, by reducing the number of people coming to our hospital.

This means we have had to take the difficult decision to cancel or postpone a number of Outpatient appointments, and it is with regret that | have to inform you that your appointment to see a member of the Gynaecology Service on 20-01-2021 has been cancelled.

Once social restrictions in the UK have been Tul 2 lifted and Covid-19 epidemic resolved, we will contact you with a new clinic appointment date.

| am sorry for any concern or inconvenience this causes you. | can assure you that this decision was not taken lightly but it is necessary to make sure that we can keep vital clinical services running through this very challenging period.

If you decide that you no longer require an appointment at all, please contact us so that another patient can take your place. .

Please let us know if you change your address, telephone number or GP, otherwise we will be unable to contact you.

If your condition changes whilst you are on the waiting list for your appointment, please inform your GP

Yours sincerely
Appointments Co-ordinator,
On behalf of Gynaecology Service