Thursday, 23 September 2021

Miss D Ghosh feedback


Consultant: Miss D Ghosh
Secretary: Stephanie Lloyd
Direct Line: 01562 513025

Thank you for writing to me to let me know how you have been getting on since the operation. | confirm that we removed endometriosis from throughout your pelvis and this was confirmed on histology. When we re-sect endometriosis | do not expect you to be better after the surgery for some time. It can take many months for the inflammation, scaring and swelling to resolve after you have endometriosis excised: It often also takes many months for the nerves to settle following the surgical treatment.

Again with the Mirena we always counsel our patients that we insert the Mirena’s for that it can take up to 6 months to control bleeding and pain. | certainly explained this to you pre-operatively and at the time that we inserted the Mirena. 

| understand that the irregular bleeding can be very distressing but | would expect this to settle. This has only been 2 months since your operation. The reason that we ask you to have a coil check with your GP is to ensure that you can rely on this for contraception. | usually suggest to my patients that they feel for the threads of the coil inside the vagina themselves and this way it avoids you needing to be seen by either myself just to do a thread check or your GP/practice nurse. | would be grateful if you could do this, if this is something you are unable to do then | would suggest that you have your coil check performed by your GP or practice nurse to ensure that you can rely on this for contraception

| apologise that this wasn’t clearly written in your discharge letter from Kidderminster. | would like to emphasise and reassure you that things do usually improve but you do need to give it some more time. | am pleased with the outcome in terms of being able to remove all of the visible endometriosis and therefore if your pain does persist or is worse after 6 months from surgery then we have to consider that the pain is not gynaecological. | do plan to make a follow up appointment for you at the 6 month mark and this will be with the endometriosis nurse. | hope this helps clarify things in response to your letter.

Miss Donna Ghosh BSc MBBS MRCOG Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Minimal Access and Endometriosis Specialist

 ICC: Dr J Ash St Stephens Surgery Adelaide Street Redditch Worcestershire B97 4AL