Sunday, 17 October 2021

Emma’s Mother-in-Law Statement

This is statement from my Mother-in-Law from her perspective of my situation. She explains how I am still suffering after having my operation back in June. She also explains how my partner Stuart still doing everything for me as I am still not capable of looking after myself probably on a daily basis. She also does our food shopping 2 times a week to help us out.

She is very concerned about how I will never get back to the way I was before all of this has started and that probably the only thing that will help is to have an Hysterectomy, which is what I have been asking for from day one.

Emma’s  Mother-in-Law Statement

Although Emma had surgery to cut out much of the endometriosis she did not recover much – by the time she was recovering from the surgery it seems likely the endometriosis had grown again.

Emma has never recovered enough to walk without a crutch.   She is unable to take anything more than the shortest walk and is virtually house bound.

The only time she can get out is in my car as the family to not have a car and even in the car, she can only be taken somewhere she can sit. In 2021 she has been once to my house and twice to her son’s school by car.  On two occasions she has tried to walk to the school (about 15 minutes’ walk) and the effort has left her in severe pain for days.

Emma is not able to care for herself and struggles with any sort of household task.   Stuart has to complete all the household duties and take John to and from school.

I do the shopping for the family twice a week and take to the food house as Emma does not like to be left too long and is unable to care for herself when her pain is severe.

It seems likely that it will be years rather than months before she is eventually given the surgery that will alleviate the condition, i.e. a hysterectomy.   Until then she will be housebound and walking with crutches.

I am Emma’s partner’s mother and John’s grandmother.

Oonagh Morris

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