Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Statement about my pain and what I have to go through every day

 As it is difficult to give everyone all the bits of information they need. I have created website called www.nomoreendo.com. It has all of my documents and pictures on there from the past year and 10 months. There is a link at the bottom of each post where you can download the documents you want.



This statement is being sent to Universal Credits, PIP, St Stephens Surgery, Miss D Ghosh, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.


Statement for UC about my pain and what I have to go through every day.


Q1) I did ask you in my recent letter to Universal Credits, for a copy of all of my notes and discussions you have had that helped you come to this decision.

Q2) I would like a copy of my full assessment report and would like to request a written explanation as well please.


Both me and my partner agrees that I am slowly going back to the way I was back before my first operation last September. As I am sitting talking to my partner and going through all my old notes. I have realised how much my health as gone downhill over the past year and a half.

I am constantly bed bound every day. Everyday my partner brings me coffees, teas and food up to me in bed. I always eat my meals in bed. It is very rare I eat my meals downstairs at the dining room table. I am always using my hot water bottle, which my partner refills fore me all the time, when I ask him to.

My partner has always made sure I have got everything I need in my bedroom and that it is at easy reach for me, so I don’t have to stretch up and hurt myself.

I still wakes up at night sometimes in chronic pain. I have to wake my partner up by a text as I cannot walk to the other bedroom due to the pain. My partner empties my pee jug and does my hot water bottle. I have to take at least 2 Tramadol’s in the night to help ease the pain and to try to get back to sleep. I have trouble most nights getting back to sleep, even when I am really tired because the pain is so bad and its makes me uncomfortable to lie down. Sometimes when I have to pee in my jug I have to hold on to the side of the surface for support.

I am excruciating pain every morning when I wake up. I have to take Tramadol and a Paracetamol within the first half an hour of waking up in the morning. My partner empties my pee jug, does my hot water bottle and makes me a cup of coffee every morning.

My partner gives me a damp cloth every morning after he showered, for me to use, as I struggle to bath or shower every day. I mostly have a bath as I cannot stand in the shower for too long. I have a bath once maybe twice a week.

I am always have to use my crutches to get around the house. I walk very slowly taking tiny steps. I walk with a limp. I suffer so much pain while I am walking around the house. Sometimes when the pain is really bad I walk like an old lady hunched over in pain. I have to take the stairs one step at a time. Holding on to the bannister or the wall while I am walking up or down them. Every time I am up and about I am always holding my belly.

My right side abdomen has been very painful again lately. I have problems bending over, sometimes I can’t and I have to get my partner to help me, e.g. pulling up my knickers or picking up something off the floor. I cannot kneel down at all or go on my hands or knees.

Me and my partner hardly ever have sexual intercourse. When we do it not for long as I suffer so much pain afterwards.

I am now slowly going back to taking at least 5 Tramadol a day again.

Both me and my partner have noticed that my eating habits have gone down again. I am not eat as much as I used.

I suffer excruciating pain in my abdomen while I am having a bowel movement. I have been bleeding on and off since July, but these past couple of weeks I have hardly bled at all.

I don’t go out at all now. If and when I do go out I always to go in my mother-in-law’s car and we have to go somewhere where I can sit down and rest as I cannot walk very far.

I suffer after getting my son ready and dressed for school every morning. I don’t take my son to school or pick him up. My partner has to do that. My son always ask me to walk with him to school but I have to tell him I can’t as I cannot handle the walk. The time I had walked to school because of a meeting me and partner had to go to, I was bed bound for at least 3 days in excruciating pain, waking up each night as well.

I hardly ever play with my son. When I do, I always end up in pain and bed bound for days afterwards. I don’t feel like a mother at all to my son because I am always resting in bed. It upsets me when I have to tell my son that I cannot do things with him because I am in pain. It upsets me when I see him upset and he walks away sad. He even says he is sad now. I cannot pick my son up at all.

I have to sit with my son on my bed when I am helping him with his homework every night, as I cannot sit at the dining room table for too long.

If I do go downstairs for bit, it is not for long, then I am back upstairs in bed resting. I cannot sit or stand for too long. It is very uncomfortable for me to rest on the sofa. I have to come upstairs soon after my son and partner comes home from school, as I suffer in so much pain from sitting and relaxing on the sofa, even just for a few minutes. When my dad comes over on a Friday night, I always makes sure I got my hot water bottle with me when I go downstairs to talk to him for the evening. Sometimes I do have to go up to rest in bed because I am in so much pain or my dad leaves early so I can go and rest. I sometimes go downstairs when my mother-in-law comes over, but after a while I do have to go up and rest in bed due to the pain. Most of the time when she does come I have to stay resting in bed because of the amount of pain I am in. This also happens when we have our friend over on a Thursday afternoon.

I suffer a lot of excruciating stabbing pains all across my abdomen and belly every night when I am getting myself ready for bed. The pain carries on when I am settled in bed for the night. My partner always has to do my hot water bottle. I have to take a Tramadol, Paracetamol and an Ibuprofen as soon as I am in bed.

I have noticed that the past few weeks I get very angry with my partner and son when I am suffering in so much pain. Its not mine or their fault that I am suffering so much. For some reason when I am really suffering in pain I just lash out at them for no reason what so ever.

My partner has to do all the housework and cooking. If I try and do it I always suffer in chronic pain afterwards and I am bed bound for days. Activities around the house is very hard for me to do, so I just don’t do them. My partner goes to town on his own to get, Toiletries, Gas and Electric, my Tramadol Prescription, and other essentials. My mother-in-law does our food shopping for us twice a week so my partner doesn’t have to leave me alone with my son as I don’t think I could cope.

I would like you to know as I am typing this you I am in excruciating pain just from sitting down in a chair for as long as I have and that will be bed bound for the rest of the day. This is another example of how I am suffering.

Both me and my partner are happy to go along with the specialist’s advice, on waiting till the 4 months are up before going on to the next step or making the next decision about my health.


I would like to give you more detail on my health, but as you have not given me a way to upload documents or pictures to your site, I have had to put them on my website we have made to do with my ongoing health problems, at www.nomoreendo.com.


I have put links in below for you to go straight to each subject matter. Please use the web links and the information in them as part of my information I am giving to you, and you need to know about.

As you read and look through each link you will get a much clearer view on my health and my ability.


There is a witness statement made by my mother in law in which she explains how my situation. My mother in laws statement


There is also a part of my diary which is dated from the 1st October to 15th October 2021. In there I explain how many Tramadol I am taking a day and at what times. I also explain on what my partner does me day by day. It is exactly how my life is day by day and how it is never changed because I am bed bound all the time. If you want to see more from this year please ask.
Pain Diary dated 1st October to 15th October 2021


There is the letter that me and my partner sent to you recently. There is also a letter which my partner has sent to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists explaining his views on my Endometriosis diagnosis.
Stuart’s letter to Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists


Stuart’s Last Notes sent to UC


Emma’s Last Notes sent to UC


There is a list of my Tramadol Prescriptions dated back from the 20th April 2020 to the present day.  I get 60 Tramadol every time. It shows how many times my partner Stuart as gone to the chemist to get them for me. He also picks up Paracetamol and Ibuprofen for me at the same time.


There is pictures of what my belly looks like now after 5 years of having a C-section, Ectopic Pregnancy and 2 keyholes surgeries to do with my Endometriosis. It shows how my belly has never gone down and how it still looks like I am pregnant. I am constantly in pain all across my abdomen and belly. Pictures of My belly.


There is the 2 letters that I sent to my specialists after my operation back in June. Detailing my current situation, pains and the bleeding. The first one she did not responded to. The second one was sent because I was suffering even more in pain and was still bleeding 2 months on since I started back in July.



If you would like any of these documents in paper form please let me know and I will get my partner to bring them in for you.

Thank you for your Co-operation in this matter and hope to hear from you soon.Mrs Emma Goode, 35 Archer Road, Redditch B98 8DN, 07383109492, 21/02/1990, emmasmith90@yahoo.com