Sunday, 26 December 2021

Universal Credits Complaint


Part 1 of 2


Emma: I have asked Stuart to help me due to the latest letter I received from Victoria (UCD579_Emma_Goode) regarding her latest decision about my capability of Work, and me feeling I have not been heard fairly.

Emma: This will be posted on both mine and Stuarts Universal Credits accounts.

Stuart: please respond in kind to any question we raise, and if you are not sure what we are asking or saying then please let us know thank you.

Stuart: after 5 working days with no response to Emma’s grievances, we decided together to take this next step.

Emma: I have uploaded my latest sick note dated from 22/12/2021 to 31/01/2022. I will be continuing to upload these every time I get one.

Emma:  I know that the GP Mr Mohammed Naiwaz has lied about the points he put in the medical Report.

Emma: I have noticed that you have just copied and paste from the medical report to the assessment (UCD584 Emma Goode).

Emma: I do believe that you have taken the GPs word over mine.

Emma: I do want a second opinion on everything that I have sent, Victoria comments and the GPs medical report.

Emma: I also still give you full consent to come over to my house and see what I am like day by day because I still don’t know how you can assess someone just by a telephone conversation and not see their situation at home.

Emma: Have you received all the paperwork and the feedback that you have requested? We sent it through the post first class recorded delivery on Tuesday 14th December 2021. Can I please have a reply to this? I did take it in to Stephen but he said he did not know who to give it to.

Emma: I have sent you everything twice about my condition and situation. And yet you still think that I am capable to walk to the job centre for a meeting or go on training courses. I cannot walk at all.



Part 2 of 2


Emma: If you still want me to attend these meetings at the job centre then you will need to provide a wheelchair for me. Stuart is more than happy to come pick one up, bring it home and take me to the meeting.

Emma: I am willing to come to the meetings but not without a use of a wheelchair. Last time I walked and it was extremely hard and painful for me. I had to stop twice walking back home because of the pain I was in from all the walking. I also spent the next 3 days in bed suffering in pain from it more than usual.

Stuart: I will word this differently to Emma. We both want to show WILLING, and will do anything to honour all your requests, but Emma walking all the way to your office will cause me concern for her safety and wellbeing, and I am begging you not to do this. Instead, if there is someone or somewhere in Redditch Town Centre that will hire us a wheelchair, I will gladly go and get it, pay for the hire, make sure emma gets to your requested appointments, and will get her back safely and responsibly. I did consider dial a ride, but I don’t know if they can get close enough to your office. If there are other options please let us know. If you however insist on her walking there, I will have no other option but to seek outside legal advice. I feel she is not fit to walk to your office.


Stuart: I believe that Mr Mohammed Naiwaz has lied and made up evidence and information.

Stuart: As per a Licensed GP’s oath to the patient I now believe the GP should be reported or investigated by the relevant regulatory authorities, as I believe a gross error of judgement as taken place, possibly worse.

Stuart: I am now requesting a formal complaint procedure by universal credits to do with why Victoria or the gp or UC didn’t to reply or answer any of Emma’s concerns or grievances in her info regarding the GP medical Report and the assessment.

Stuart: I also believe Victoria based her new assessment on the same gps info, and I am again informing you I believe some of it to be made up and lies.

Stuart: how do we start an investigation or formal complaint please? Who do we talk to or go to?

Stuart: who else did the gp speak to regarding Emma’s condition? Please supply notes or minutes, statements, recordings, or whatever info you can.

Stuart: we should be reviewed again, by a competent and honest gp, with a renewed telephone call with Emma, and me there if you so wish. But I will only involve myself now by invitation.

Stuart: we have requested help from home help from Worcester County Council help, to help us with john at school, and Emma’s ongoing condition, and they will be coming over on Wednesday 5th January 2022 at 10am.

Stuart: I would like to know if we are entitled to legal aid and where do I have to go online to get more info. I have come to the conclusion we may need some legal assistance in the treatment of Emma’s condition going forward.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Emma and Stuart