Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Email To Dr Natalie Brice (Surgeon)


Mrs Emma Goode, 35 Archer Road, Redditch, B98 8DN, 07383109492, 21/02/1990,


Dear Dr Brice

Please keep this on my file for future reference

Regarding our latest telephone conversation on Friday 7th January 2022. I have typed my notes from the conversation and below I have attached those notes to this email.

You asked for all our latest information, statements and letters that we sent out. They are mostly sent to the Universal Credits about my current health and situation but I think you should have a copy of them as it will tell you how bad my situation has got.

Below are a list of letters, statements and documents that I have attached to this email.

2020 06 22 Emma’s Update to all concerned

2021 10 14 Emma Letter to Universal Credits

2021 10 14 Stu letter to UC

2021 10 17 Mother in Law Statement

2021 10 19 Statement about my pain and what I have to go through every day

2021 12 13 UC Medical Feedback

2021 12 26 Universal Credits Complaint

2022 01 07 Notes from Telephone Conversation

2022 01 19 Letter To Doctors

Pain Diary dated from 1st October 2021 to 31st December 2021

I hope all of this information will help you in the future.


I would like you to know that I have decided to have the injection Zoladex and next week I will be making an appointment to see my GP about getting the injection started and to have a re-assessment on my current situation.


I would like you to know that I did receive my appointment letter to see you on Friday 1st April 2022 at 10am at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. I would like you to know that I will be attending this appointment and that my mother in law will be taking me. Unfortunately my partner Stuart will not be able to come to this appointment as he has to take our son to school.


Please let me know that you have received this email and all the attachments safely and if not we can post them to you.


Thank you for your Co-Operation

Kind Regards

Mrs Emma Goode



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