Friday, 14 January 2022

Notes from Telephone Conversation with Dr Whasir


Notes From My Telephone Conversation With Dr Whasir


Dr Whasir asked me what the call wqs for and how she can help me. She told me that  she was told just to ring me and had no information on what the call was for.

I explained to her about the email I sent in the morning requesting for a new repeat prescription of 60 Tramadol. I then told her about the text message I got at 12.31pm.

Dr Whasir asked why I needed the Tramadol. I told her that I got Endometriosis and that I needed the Tramadol for the constant excruiating crippling stabbing pains I suffer with all day every day.

Dr Whasir told me that my last request of 60 Tramadol that I asked for on Tuesday 4th January 2022 was rejected and that I only got 30 Tramadol.

I exlained to Dr Whasir about all the hassle I was having with my Tramadol. I also explained that I needed 60 Tramadol and not 30 Tramadol.

Dr Whasir asked me how long 30 Tramadol would last me. I told her a week or less.

Dr Whasir then asked me how long would 60 Tramadol would last me. I told her properly about 2 weeks.

Dr Whasir then asked how many Tramadol do I take in a day. I told her sometimes its 4 but lately it has been 5.

Dr Whasir said she was working out the amount of Tramadol I take in a day. She then said that I was right about the amount of Tramadol I should be having. She also said that I should be having 60 Tramadol and not 30 Tramadol.

Dr Whasir said that she put me prescription back upto 60 Tramadol and sent it over to the Pharamcy ready to be collected on Saturday Morning.

Dr Whasir explained about the side effects. I told her that out of all the medications I have had in the past, Tramadol is the only one that has never gave me any bad side effects.


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