Friday, 14 January 2022

reply to To Scott @ Wrexham Service Centre


To Scott @ Wrexham Service Centre


''Regarding your first journal message neither Legal Aid nor Shopmobility is outside the scope of Universal Credit''


i was hoping legal aid might help us get gp or civil service accountability regarding emmas condition, as well as treatment. i didnt intend to use it for the jobcentre or jobcentre gp issue. so again, if theres help please let me know via url thank you. if legal aid doesnt apply to us in this context then please accept my appologies for the mistake on my part.(or derivatives of legal aid thereof)




''Regarding the Freedom of Information request is this regarding your Universal Credit claim?''


No, in all honesty it was to do with your GP in question and victoria but as this has now been made clear to me by the manager at the job centre that an foi cannot be used in this context, i believe the FOI request should be cancelled and made null and void by myself. the foi request was intended to get a response from anyone at universal credits or dwp and it did, so please accept my appologies for the foi request and please assume it is no longer required thank you.


i instead want he matter to be dealt with as a formal complaint as originally declared and intended by myself and emma, BUT if you or the job centre can give me your assurances you will do everything in your reasonable best efforts to try to prevent this happening to anyone else again, then please deal with it as an internal matter that needs no more response from you to us except for maybe a small aknowledgment to us the matter has been dealt with. i did say this to the manager yesterday.

((we were disgusted and upset at the treatment of emma tbh, but yesterdays meeting has more than made up for that mistake now.))




''Regarding your second journal message your compliant against the GP is outside the scope of Universal Credit.''


if so, and theres nothing you can do at all internally, even though he technically was employed by yourself to act or deliberate on your behalf at the time, then i must ask for his full name and license number as a registered gp so i can take it up with the relevant governing authority. if you cannot deal with this matter internally and decisively, then i will take it up with the relevant governing body or whoever that is. please advise here if you know who. has this never happened before? if you cannot deal with this then who can? does dwp know who can deal with this? do you know who i got to next please?




ps. please thank the staff for yesterday, and let the wonderful lady know that emma and i actually made a realisation that we could hire a wheelchair and go out for an hour or two around the town. so something very positive happened as a consequence of yesterdays appointment. thank you very much. god bless you all.


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