Thursday, 6 January 2022

complaint 2 FOI request


hi uc

there are two parts to this update, and i will journal them seperately for conveniance.



 with regards to legal aid or entitlements of other such schemes available to us, i will deal with that at a later date, seperately, and i will make a long overdue appointment to come in and see you personally. i wont be needing citezans advice at this present time. if you feel an appointment with me to come in and see you personally will be benneficial you are more than welcome to schedule one.


we did have steve over yesterday 5th jan 2022 from worcester council hub early help, to help with john at school and maybe even emma and her condition. we will keep you posted as necessary.


i went in to see Shopmobility in redditch town centre yesterday (Wednesday 5th January 2022) about booking a wheelchair hire for emmas appointment on 13th jan 2022 9.40am-10am. they did say i could use the service but i had to hire it on the day of the appointment and could not book it. so it is our every intention to come in and see you and honour your request and show willing for appointment but i just want you to be aware i couldnt book the wheelchair in advance. if theres any problems we will let you know immediately but i think all will be well on the day. and emma may be in some pain but atleast she doesnt have to walk it all so thats a great relief to me. all in all, emma will be there for her appointment if theres a wheelchair available. i will get emma to the door and wait outside as before, unless otherwise stated.


emmas surgeon is calling us tomorrow 07-01-2022 at 10.30am after the six month period wait. emma is clearly not recovering and i think she will be asking again about a hysterectomy. scares the life out of me but she hasnt got her life back yet and i cant make her better. her sister ironically has just been confirmed the exact same procedure within the last week, and i am desperately hoping she could be a yardstick of reference for emma so to speak.





hi uc

there are two parts to this update, and i will journal them seperately for conveniance.




sad to say it has been nearly 2 weeks and still no confirmation of our formal complaint made against the gp (Mr Mohammed Naiwaz), and we still have no had no feedback at all whatsoever from Victoria at the Lowestoft Service Centre about the paperwork we sent first class recorded delivery on Tuesday 11th December 2021, and her recent re-assesment of emma dated Thursday 16th Decemeber 2021 .


my primary goal now is to get our formal complaint dealt with in amore proper, timely, constructive, meaningful manner.






please now treat our last update done by both of us dated Sunday 26th December 2021 about the complaint as a formal legal FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST, and deal with any questions in there, under the said and proper act accordingly.


please now treat emmas previous response to the above, relating to the gp assesment and emmas grievances, and Victoria at the Lowestoft Service Centre more recent assesment, as a formal legal FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST, and deal with any questions in there, in the proper way.


by law you are allowed 30 days to respond, but i will gladly give you more grace time if you so require, but could you please please please at least let us know as soon as possible, that this matter has now been passed on to your relevant legal team, foi ombudsman, or whoever deals with your foi requests and formal complaints now. if i need to post it to someone then please let me know.


if i dont hear back withing 5 working days, i will insist on a face to face appointment with you as soon as humanly possible at your discretion, and may consider getting paid legal advice if we can afford it. im sorry, but a member of your employment has lied, maybe more, and it needs dealing with promptly and properly and according to the law.


may god bless you, god guide you, and god protect you.

peace and blessings to you and your friends andfamily.